How to Reduce Menstrual Cycle Bloating Fast and Safely

There are many symptoms that go along with having your menstrual cycle and one of the most prevalent symptoms is bloating. But by following a few simple methods, there are many ways that bloating can be reduced during the menstrual cycle. Read on to discover how to reduce menstrual cycle bloating.

One of the best ways to reduce bloating during periods is to take aloe vera capsules or to drink aloe vera juice. Because the leaves of the aloe vera plant contain natural anti-inflammatory, they work with the body to reduce swelling or block swelling from occurring in the first place. The natural herb also helps the body to break down food and liquid easily and flush it from the body faster. Since the body stores water during menstruation, aloe vera will release it quickly and lessen the bloating.

It is also a good idea to take notice of some of the foods that are eaten during your period or right before the onset of your menstrual cycle as some foods and beverages contain high amounts of salt and caffeine. Such things like soda and soups have light levels of these two things and both will cause the body to retain water. By eliminating or reducing the intake of sodium and caffeine, the body will not keep as much water and bloating will be less.

Some foods can be quite beneficial when it comes to reducing bloating during the menstrual cycle and one of the best foods to consume are those enriched with large levels of potassium which can be found in bananas, mangos and spinach. Potassium is a natural regulator of how much water the body absorbs and by increasing the amount we intake, bloating is lessened. Potassium rich foods also contain a component called asparagines which is another diuretic and will quickly and painlessly flush water and foods from the body.

Another lesser known fact is that carbohydrate enhanced foods like heavy pastas actually induce the body to absorb and hang onto water, so if at all possible, abstain from eating late evening carbohydrate rich foods. If you must eat them, it is best to do so prior to 6:00 p.m. in the evening and you will notice a vast difference in the amount of bloating during your menstrual cycle.

Vitamins have a long history of beneficial properties and certain vitamins have been shown to reduce bloating during the menstrual cycle. Such vitamins like vitamin A and vitamin B6 are natural diuretics for the body and will help it flush its system very quickly and can therefore lessen the amount of bloating that happens during your period.

Additionally, physicians also tell their patients to consider taking a non-prescription pain reliever a few days before the onset of the menstrual cycle and then each day during it. Many period relief medicines such as Midol act as natural diuretics which can help with bloating as well as other symptoms of periods such as stomach pain and migraines.

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